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Production Credits

Lisa Clark, Producer
Nick Wood, Director

Length of residency

7 episodes over 10 weeks with 2 weeks off and a move from one studio to another.

Random Fact

Vic and Bob are going on tour to celebrate 25 years since their first TV show.

I have to say that with Andy (Kelly), Paul (McGavin), Simon (Bond) and all the Gallowglass crew that I have had, I struck gold. Along with Tommy (Lyons) and all the prop crew, ditto! They are fantastic, hard-working, accommodating and I couldn't have wished for a better team of men. I am really happy to recommend them all to any other designer that comes to Salford to work in the studios.

James Tomblin

Production Designer

Just to say everyone was absolutely delighted by being at Salford…they loved the set up and the audiences and the facilities, so thanks so much for all your help in that.

Mark Munro

Production Executive

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