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Production Company

BBC Taster

End Client

BBC Three

Production Credits

Jim Cannon, Executive Producer

Richard Wormwell, 360 Producer

Ben Wilson, Director

Anthony Bolton, Lighting Director

Tony Williams, Sound Supervisor

Andrea Hughes, Set Designer

Katrin Lewis, Production Manager

Dave Mason, Studio Manager

Length of Residency

4 days in studio - 7 days in post

Random Fact

This was the BBC’s first 360⁰ studio specific shoot. 

“dock 10 has made 360⁰ filming respectable. Rich and his team were able to make shooting in 360⁰ feel like a proper studio record. Gone were the days of no monitors and video playback. The bespoke 360⁰ rig worked perfectly within the traditional studio environment. I had live feeds from all the cameras which was vital when trying to perfectly cue sound and lighting changes and the production crews on the studio floor. Working from the gallery as I would for a traditional TV production saved hours in post and meant that we always got the take we were after. dock10 also handled all the post-production and VFX work; it was vital to have editors, audio engineers and VFX artists who are fully experienced in 360⁰ production."

Ben Wilson

Studio Director