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Adam is dock10’s tallest (and some would say most handsome) Studio Manager but don’t let that put you off…  With experience of working on some of the nation’s most complex productions such as elections and international sporting events, Adam is at home with the most complex of technology and thrives in a live environment. 

Not to be typecast, Adam enjoys a varied diet of productions including ITV’s Jeremy Kyle, Judge Rinder and one-off political debate programmes for the BBC.  Real passions include football – a life-long Coventry City supporter - and other sporting activities in which Adam regularly enjoys participating and have also taken him abroad supporting international charity work.  Despite being a huge Status Quo fan, having seen them in concert on nearly 60 occasions, Adam actually has a wide ranging musical taste that belies his ‘youth’.  He also has an unusual palette when it comes to food – preferring fried caterpillar or goat on a stick in Africa over common garden vegetables any day of the week – meal times are never dull with Adam around…