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mktadmin, Thursday 23 June, 2016

Why you should be thinking about...360VR

Surfing in Tahiti or riding shotgun with Sir Stirling Moss in a vintage Mercedes. Joining the studio audience of your favourite TV talent show, has never been easier!

These experiences might seem half a world away from the post-industrial north we call home. But putting yourself in a strange scenario and participating as if you were there is no longer the stuff of science fiction. 360 virtual reality is happening here and now in Manchester.

For years, the world speculated and dreamed about it. Cyberspace prophet William Gibson wrote about it, Hollywood tried to visualise it. But until recently, the technology couldn’t match the fantasy of virtual reality.

That’s all changed with the arrival of ground-breaking hardware like the Oculus Rift headset (now part of the Facebook empire). Years of research turned up solutions to teething problems, like motion sickness and screen latency that threatened to derail progress.

Suddenly, leading brands and media companies are competing to release their own VR and 360 video experiences – a new one arrives almost daily. Nearly every major consumer tech company is lining up a VR headset launch. Deloitte say VR is on course for its first billion dollar year. A niche technology is rapidly going mainstream.

"Brands are competing to release their own VR and 360 video experiences - a new one arrives almost daily. "


If you’re still fuzzy on the details, we’re talking about head-mounted displays and compatible smartphones that show 3D stereoscopic images. Sensors in the headset track your movements and change the view accordingly for a 360-degree experience. 360 content can also be viewed online with no extra hardware – simply drag the mouse, move or touch the screen to explore.

Sports broadcasters scored some early points with VR because they realised how bringing people closer to the action would strike a chord with fans. Unsurprisingly, brands weren’t far behind. Now the race is on to harness the commercial potential of VR. The prospect of forging deeper connections with consumers through VR storytelling represents uncharted waters that are there for the taking. Crucially, VR delivers the captive audience that businesses crave in our age of fragmented media experiences.

So what’s the catch? Well, it’s no secret that VR production is complex. With 12 plus cameras on a single rig and a vast amount of data to process, filming in 360 places entirely new demands on infrastructure and skills. Brands that overcome these obstacles can lay claim to the future. As always, our studio facilities are here to help - let us sweat the details while you create revolutionary content.

dock10 360VR: Powering Media Possibilities

We’re dedicated to making sure our clients can create, manage and deliver high quality content.

Content producers looking to explore the possibilities of 360 virtual reality will find a one-stop shop for VR production at our studios. Our recent credits for 360VR content include The Voice and The Soundcheck. We’re a 360VR factory, ready to help you produce ground-breaking immersive content.

Our capabilities for 360VR include:

  • Managing the capture

  • Stitching suites

  • Post – grade and dub

  • Data storage and archive solutions

  • 40+ team of engineering specialists

  • MAM content management

We’re trusted by the best in the business. We manage content including 360VR from major broadcasters, independent production companies, digital agencies and global corporations. We deliver thousands of content hours every year to broadcasters and cloud platforms for web and mobile distribution around the world. With a large, experienced and highly qualified team, we’re dedicated to making sure content creators can reap the benefits of this innovative format.

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