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More cameras, no frame borders, nowhere to hide!

dock10 can help you get the best from your 360⁰ VR shoot

Our experienced team have learnt many tricks of the trade to produce stunning footage, as well as truly immersive content.

Some of the elements our production team can help with:

  • How to keep your audience looking in the right direction when the action is happening.
  • How to rig a 360⁰ scene - without the lights, mircophones and tripod being in shot!
  • Where your team stands – directing a 360⁰ piece of content is more akin to theatre than film or TV.
  • Ensuring against problems with overlap when in close up work
  • Recording audio so no matter which direction the viewer is looking, they hear realistic and natural sound
  • Using the latest proven tried and tested technology

Handling the technology

The technology is evolving at an exponential rate; new hardware and software solutions are being released on a monthly if not weekly basis. We are evolving with the best that’s out there, whether that’s product testing the latest camera hardware, beta testing the newest software or developing our own bespoke solutions you can be sure that we’re bang up to date with our capture and post production techniques.

Ask the experts

With one of the most experienced 360⁰ VR teams in the country, supported by a broadcast quality engineering team, dock10 is the perfect partner for your 360⁰ VR campaign. Our team has shot over 500 hours of VR content already, and continue to beta test the lastest techniques. With dock10, you’re in safe hands.   

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