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Quality Control (QC & QAR)

We are the primary QC and QAR suppliers for television productions in the North, supplying thousands of hours of programming to large broadcasters, major brands and enterprise clients every year.

For television productions, our team have been delivering to Digital Production Partnership (DPP) standards for more than 2 years now for all major UK and US broadcasters. As a member of the DPP we make regular updates in line with their requirements and keep up to date with advancing technologies such as file drop in for last minute changes.

For commercial and corporate productions, we offer a range of quality control services to meet your needs and budget. These range from a 3-point spot check through to a full quality control review by our specialist QC technician.


File based delivery is now our standard delivery method, however we also offer tape delivery and direct playout for fast turnaround projects or when the client requires. With our range of internet connectivity providers, we offer delivery by FTP, direct file transfer, cloud (CDN) upload, or direct connection via a dedicated network such as Sohonet and BT Nexus.  

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To find out how dock10's post facilities can support your production or project, contact our helpful post production team.