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Rapid turnaround services

Our turnaround team is one of the best in the UK. They are a huge asset for visiting production teams and are just one example of the many value-added extras that make dock10 the preferred studio location for so many of our long-standing clients.

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Streamlined workflow delivery

Our cutting edge, file-based workflow – supported by a three-tier storage system – is the perfect solution for quick and easy capture of footage from our studios. With a dedicated fibre network, you have access to the fastest speeds and greatest reliability for point-to-point transfer of studio rushes into any post-production facility or for live transmission. Our open workflow approach also supports a more effective transfer of rushes into post-production, whether you choose to use our in-house facility or another production house.

Flexible Facilities

With a range of studio sizes up to 12,000sqft, configurable technology and the latest in broadcast equipment, we can cover every genre, no matter the size or requirements of your production. But we know that the studios and technology are only part of the solution. Our production control rooms & offices, green rooms and make-up & wardrobe are purpose built to deal with any volume of artists and production teams.

Dedicated audience control

At dock10 we provide an awe-inspiring and immersive experience that’s guaranteed to deliver the reaction you want from your TV studio audience. Our reliably enthusiastic audiences (well, we are based in the North!) are well looked after by a dedicated team and have access to the UK’s most welcoming audience facilities – ensuring they feel completely at home when they participate in your show.