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As dock10’s flagship studio and home to The VoiceUK and other large-scale TV productions, its size and associated facilities make it the perfect fit for the biggest productions, giving you an audience capacity of up to 1000 people. Last year over 8000 people attended recordings of The VoiceUK alone.

We understand that large productions need large spaces to work. Our production control rooms give you plenty of space for your teams to work collaboratively, ensuring creatives can do what they do best – create the best production possible.

But we also realise that having large studios and production spaces is only part of the solution.  Our ancillary support areas such as dressing rooms, green rooms, production offices and make-up/wardrobe are more than capable of dealing with huge volumes of artists and production teams, making HQ1 a killer combination of resources that can satisfy the most demanding of productions.


All dock10 studios are completely configurable to meet your production requirements and include Sony MVS 8000 Vision mixers and Calrec Apollo sound desks amongst the latest in Broadcast equipment. With our unique infrastructure, we can provide almost infinite capabilities, combining studio facilities to create set-ups ready for anything from single camera operation to the very largest and most complex, world leading productions.


Fully equipped with scenic hoists and lighting bars, HQ1 is one of the most easily configurable spaces in the UK, allowing productions to concertina timeframes in terms of set and light turnarounds.

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To find out how dock10's studio facilities can support your production, contact our helpful studios' team.

A Killer Combination