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Distribution options

Review and Approve delivery

Through our partner Mediasilo, publish content to a Review and Approve portal and app.

This is a great way to let your client review your project, or allow colleagues to review the selections you’ve made from the archives.

Broadcaster delivery

We have over 25 connectivity providers and deliver 1000’s of hours of long and short form programming every year.

We are a DPP member, and have close links with all major broadcasters, both in the UK and US, with an excellent track record of delivering on time, with all relevant electronic metadata and to broadcast quality standards.

For fast turnaround, we also have fibre lines direct to BT tower and onto the broadcaster, and, using our experience in live television for the BBC, we are one of the few authorised playout providers for the major broadcasters.

Direct Client delivery

We can deliver your project direct to your client – in their inbox waiting for them to view, or for regular clients, we can set up a dedicated workflow to send content directly to their network at any time of day.

Client branded Intranet

Through our partner Imagen, we also offer an additional brandable online portal for your finished projects to be accessed.

This highly configurable portal allows permission based access and visibility of content, as well as expiry dates for content and integration into social media feeds. Imagen can become an extension of your or your clients own site – either externally facing for content you wish to show your potential clients or customers, or internally facing as a branded intranet holding all your video content. 

As a trusted partner, we have invested in integrating our video management services with Imagen’s portal, allowing quick and seamless publishing of your projects to your Imagen site, with all associated metadata and descriptions.

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