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unparalleled choice

Did you know there’s over 3000 different types of video file format? There are also hundreds more formats on tape and film.

With our market leading video content management platform videoHQ we offer unparalleled choice when it comes to capturing and ingesting your content. In essence, whatever the format, we can find a way to ingest it; our ingest services include:

Physical media – File, Tape or Film

  • All file based media from cards, portable hard drives or servers

  • Many older tape formats such as HDCam, Digibeta and Beta SP

  • LTO4, LTO5 and LTO6 tapes in a variety of formats


  • Digitisation of film and older tape and analogue formats.

  • High volume specialist digitisation of large catalogues and libraries


  • Internet based ingest using direct fibre links to BT Tower

  • Directly connections to the BBC and ITV’s internal networks

  • Using one of our existing 250 connectivity providers

Live – Satellite and fibre

  • Live and contribution feeds using SIS Live’s on campus satellite farm

  • Direct BT Fibre lines to BT Tower

Ask the experts
Our support team of experienced broadcast engineers, ingest operatives and technicians would be happy to advice on the best workflow for your video content library