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world class video management

Broadcasters now need to identify new business models and rationalise processes to remain competitive. Our expertise coupled with their investment in world class media asset management enables them to identity additional business value, by re-versioning existing content to drive new revenue streams or enabling more efficient creative collaboration by supporting a remote production workflow.

With our experience supporting global broadcasters like the BBC, ITV and major productions companies from our custom built site at MediaCityUK plus our world class AVID MAM platform, we offer unparalleled capability to ingest, manage, re-cut and rapidly re-distribute content.

1. Make your archive work harder.

With online access and quicker retrieval of your video library, reversion and monetize your archive with ease. Our media asset management platform is capable of storing the original high resolution content as well as viewable proxies, meaning your original investment is ready, waiting to earn you more money.

2. Financial flexibility with an opex service.

At a time of rapid technology advancement and increased risk in technology investments, capital expenditure is difficult. Our media asset management platform provides a flexible Platform as a Service (PaaS) to manage all media assets. Our extensive knowledge and reputation in delivering in a broadcast environment, offering an Enterprise level SLA, continual investment, powered by Avid, an industry leading technology, makes us the perfect partner for your video content management requirements.

3. Ready for your TX Master library now.

Our media asset management platform is powered by Avid, the market leader in broadcast asset management software. Within this platform, we have also optimised metadata databases for DPP and SMPTE standards and for HD and UHD masters, meaning all current and archived TX masters can be rapidly found, edited and restored. Our expertise in being the primary supplier for all BBC North’s transmission content makes us the perfect partner to store valuable broadcast quality masters for the future. 

4. Collaborate online.

Collaboration between departments is the key to efficient, cost effective workflows, giving your team the ability to access your video archive from anywhere in the world. Our platform goes beyond just storage, offering all users a secure, online platform to collaborate together on projects, edit assets and deliver those assets securely internally or externally.

5. Rapid access for trails and promos.

Finding video assets can take time, and be costly when restoring digital files or digitising tapes to look for that one shot. Our comprehensive media asset management platform offers easy 'google-style' searches based upon descriptive and file based metadata. Our full or partial file restore feature allows for assets to be  quickly delivered to our edit platform or externally to your post production facility.


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Our video content management plaftform is the perfect answer for those with increasing amounts of high resolution video.