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Managing the growth of enterprise video

As demand grows the production and management of video will become a mandatory and significant expense for every business. Stretching available budgets will continue to be even more of a challenge. With Dock 10’s experience supporting global brands like the BBC, from our custom built site at MediaCityUK plus our world class video content management platform - videoHQ, we are the experts to help you. Unlike any other video content management platform, we can provide a solution that does more than published the final video but can re-version content using the original footage to tell new stories to different audiences.  

1. Communicate more effectively

Communications and HR professionals can use videoHQ to rapidly find and re-version originally shot video to help communicate compelling stories to customers, partners and employees, that raise brand profile and increase product value and employee engagement.

2. Make your video content work harder

Marketing professional often work with multiple creative agencies to produce a number of videos. videoHQ provides a central repository to rapidly store, find, manage and re-version expensive video footage rather than wasting time and money re-shooting content again from scratch.

3. Achieve regulatory compliance targets

Communicate critical information in a compelling way. videoHQ can provide compliance and regulatory professionals with a video management platform that helps re-version and combine user generated 'in situ' content with high quality footage that conveys important and sensitive information effectively.

4. Understanding Video Management

As your employee’s appetite for video grows, understanding how to manage and make the most of these expensive assets can be challenging. Trusted by global brands, we are the perfect partner to help walk you through the complexities of video management and deliver a service to optimise assets and future proof on-going investment in video content.

Helping you manage as the volume of video grows
Video production companies and communication professionals are seeing the volume of video content grow as resolutions increase and video becomes the most efficient and effective way to communicate.