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360⁰ in the entertainment genre can be split into two key areas;  

First Person

Releasing content in 360⁰ opens up a whole new world for your viewers. We talk about the ‘level of emersion’ and the ‘sense of presence’ in 360⁰ experiences but by creating these alone doesn’t make for a compelling experience. The third thing that will really excite an audience is ‘access’; 360⁰ video can create this better than any other medium. Imagine sitting on the Match of the Day set with Gary Lineker or hanging out backstage with the coaches from The Voice. These are the sort of experiences that money can’t buy but can be made possible in VR.


Everyone is used to being passively entertained by TV and at the cinema but we have only just started to scratch the surface of what is possible with 360⁰ storytelling and it’s predicted to be the second largest content sector in the industry. With mass adoption of technology predicted to take place over the next couple of years and with potential global markets into their millions the production companies that start to deliver entertainment, drama and factual content in 360⁰ have the potential to unlock a huge marketplace.

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