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Contribution & Distribution Feeds

The expectation on any topical programmes is not only to comment on today’s news, but take the viewer directly to the action. This requires robust broadcast infrastructure and a live studio team that know how to keep you on air and running to time.    

We are a major European interconnect with one of the largest satellite teleports in the UK and hundreds of dedicated fibre circuits – capable of linking your production to anywhere on the planet. 

We regularly take live contribution feeds from national and international sporting events such as the Premiership, Wimbledon and the Olympics for inserts into studio shows such as Match of the Day and Newsround. We also provide distribution feeds for weekly and daily transmission for programmes such as Blue Peter, with an experienced live studio and post production team to ensure your programme is on air on time.  

Centralised production

Pressures on the production budgets have never been higher and we have been working hard to find solutions that can make the most of the latest technology.

With our broadcast and IT expertise, we are able to connect our galleries and edit suites to filming locations around MediaCityUK campus and beyond. Whether filming on our MCUK Piazza, in a London based sound stage, at a fibre connected international sporting event or in one of your international offices, we can connect you to the action and give you the tools to control the recording and editing in real time. This allows you to reduce the number of production staff on location, shorten the production schedule by speeding up shoot to edit workflows and greater flexibility to have your core crew in our facility co-ordinating national and international satellite crews.   

As part of this service, we have our own fibre connection directly to The Space Project in south Manchester. Productions filming in The Space Project now benefit from linking up with dock10 in real time, with media being controlled from our galleries and available in dock10 edits and remote editing tools in real time. See our case studies on Dragon’s Den to find out more. 

In-House Post Production Service

For many production companies and departments, having their own in house post production facility is the most cost effective way to ensure the production stays on budget and schedule and create a collaborative working environment for their production teams. 

With the speed at which post production technology is advancing, with UHD codecs and remote editing now a reality, the cost of maintaining and reinvesting in these in-house facilities is becoming challenging and many are now looking at an alternative commercial model – one that involves taking a service in-house rather than a large capital expenditure and technology installation.  

Using the latest broadcast and IT expertise, we have extended our post production services across the MediaCityUK campus into our client’s offices, and beyond. We provide Avid workstations for craft edit and finial finishing, and Avid asset management platforms within your offices and at your location base, all supported by our broadcast post production team.

Taking a managed service not only avoids large capital expenditure, we can also help clients manage peaks and troughs in their production schedules, benefit from the latest innovations such as remote editing, all supported by an expert post facility team.

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