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We are fortunate in having the UK’s most prestigious production facility, including the best equipped studios, a wide selection of support areas – including a piazza capable of holding up to five thousand people and workflows that make production quick, easy and efficient - but we realise that technical excellence and a superb venue are only half the battle. 

Like you, we know that it’s the people that ‘make the show’. You need to trust that we will do whatever it takes to make it happen. We have knocked ten foot holes in walls, worked continuously for forty eight hours and flown staff in by helicopter to ensure that we meet your deadlines for quality without compromise. 

But the main difference you will see when you work with us is that we’re passionate about it. We have the best team in the industry (ask our previous clients), the best audiences (ask an experienced comedy producer) and the best venue.  

Trust that when your team are here, they will generate the same bond that develops on location – your production will always benefit as a result.

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