August 2023


Lingo returns to ITV for its fourth series with new 'winner stays on' addition to the format

On May 19th, local musicians came together to play ‘dock10 Live’, a family concert raising awareness and money for Mental Health Awareness Week. Held in HQ10, dock10's specialist audio studio, local performers and dock10 staff played a jam-packed evening of music to a live audience with many more enjoying the gig on YouTube. This was produced with students from Salford University. The event also raised more than £2,000 for local mental health charity Mind in Salford.

Mind in Salford is an independent charity providing vital services that make a positive difference to the wellbeing and mental health of local people. They represent the voice of Salford in campaigning to dispel stigma and influence political, social and cultural change around mental health. Putting individuals first, Mind in Salford is deeply committed to helping people struggling with their mental health to get both support and respect.

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