October 2021

dock10 welcomes the Reporter’s Academy and The Prince’s Trust

dock10 welcomes the Reporter's Academy and The Prince's Trust

dock10 has welcomed the Reporter's Academy and The Prince's Trust as they introduce the next generation to the inner workings of television production. During a free ten-day course, held at dock10's facilities, 16–25-year-olds from Greater Manchester explored the range of careers available in the television industry. The students gained valuable insights into what happens behind the scenes as they learned a broad range of practical skills through masterclasses on topics such as script writing, camera work, lighting, and video editing. This included hands-on training with industry experts who shared tips and experiences from their own careers. The students went on to use their new skills to make and showcase their own mini-TV package at dock10.

See all of the photos from the event: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1rmNHtKGuSxuX4tU8