January 2013

Filming begins on new BBC One comedy The Wright Way

Filming begins on new BBC One comedy The Wright Way

BBC One has announced that studio filming has begun on The Wright Way (previously entitled Slings And Arrows), a new six-part sitcom from writer Ben Elton.

Filming at dock10 studios in Salford, The Wright Way is a new comedy and features a mix of established performers and fresh comedy talent, starring David Haig (The Thin Blue Line, Yes Prime Minister) and including Mina Anwar, Toby Longworth, Joanne Matthews, Beattie Edmondson, Brenda Edwards, and Luke Gell in the ensemble.

Ben Elton says: "All my happiest television memories concern BBC comedy and in particular BBC sitcoms. It's an honour and a privilege to get the chance to be a part of that tradition again and I'm as excited today as I was when The Young Ones was commissioned 30 years ago."

As Gerald Wright, David Haig is the fastidious manager of a local council's Health and Safety department. Wright relishes the rules and regulations he uses in his professional life and only wishes he could apply them to his private life, which often stumbles haplessly into chaos.

The Wright Way was written by Ben Elton and is a Phil McIntyre Television production for BBC One. It was commissioned by BBC One Controller Danny Cohen and former Controller of Comedy Commissioning Cheryl Taylor.

The BBC executive producer is Gregor Sharp; the executive producer for Phil McIntyre Television is Lucy Ansbro and the producer is Rohan Acharya.

The Wright Way is being filmed at dock10 studios, Salford, from January-March 2013. It begins on BBC One in week 17.