September 2023

In With A Shout is returning to ITV1

In With A Shout is returning to ITV1

In With A Shout, the gameshow which asks contestants to answer questions hidden within images, is returning. Hosted by comedian Joel Dommett, the series will comprise a seven-part run including a one-off Celebrity special for Soccer Aid.

In With A Shout sees two families battle against each other to win a prize of £20,000, answering questions hidden in moving pictures and shouting answers at TV screens. The families have just 60 seconds to successfully answer the questions, or they walk away with nothing.

Ben Wicks, Creative Director, Entertainment at Expectation said: "It's great that ITV are backing the show and thanks to Joel Dommett for his superb martialling of the format throughout a stellar series one, making it the highest rated new game show of the year. News of its return is superb - not least because we'll get another bumper crop of hilarious answers, like when a clip of a kazoo was identified as a 'submarine', a warthog as 'Hogwarts', and Daniel Craig as 'Craig David'."

Joel Dommett said: "Get ready to shout at the TV again because we're coming back for series TWO! I had a blast hosting In With A Shout earlier this year and I really can't wait to get back to it!"

The second series will be filmed at dock10 studios and has been commissioned by head of entertainment Katie Rawcliffe alongside commissioning editor Joe Mace and Leanne Clarke.