April 2022

Lee Mack will host a brand new ITV quiz The 1% Club

Lee Mack will host a brand new ITV quiz The 1% Club

Lee Mack will host a brand new ITV primetime quiz show inviting viewers to discover if they are in The 1% Club.

Made by Magnum Media and filmed at dock10 studios, the 8x60 series is the quiz show that everyone of all ages and backgrounds can take part in, because, unlike most quizzes, you don't need to swot up on general knowledge to do well. All you need is logic and common sense.

In The 1% Club, 100 contestants begin every show - but to make it to the end and win the top prize of up to £100,000, contestants must correctly answer a question only 1% of the country would get right.

Each contestant starts with £1,000 but, if they answer any question incorrectly, they are out of the game and their grand goes into the Prize Pot. We start by asking a question that 90% of the country got right (based on a sample of answers given by 1,000 people across Britain) and then go on to ask questions that smaller and smaller percentages answered correctly. And each time contestants flunk their answers the prize money swells.

As the questions get harder and the contestants numbers dwindle, host Lee breaks the tension with his quick-fire wit, teasing the contestants as their brains do somersaults in the battle to make it to the end of the show and a shot at the prize pot.

Lee Mack said: "If, like me, your lack of general knowledge frustrates you when doing quizzes, then watch the 1% Club. That way, like me, you can instead be frustrated by your lack of logic. Great contestants, loads of cash to win, and guaranteed ‘I can't believe you couldn't work that one out Dad!’ moments to cause family disputes. I love it!"