September 2011

Sam & Mark return to CBBC with Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind-Up

Sam & Mark return to CBBC with Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind-Up

Pranks, games and surprises are around every corner with Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind-Up, a brand new entertainment show for CBBC, starting this September filmed at dock10 studios.

Packed full of humour and fun, the show takes viewers on a roller-coaster journey towards the weekend, in a way that only Sam & Mark can.

At the heart of the show is the ultimate money-can't-buy prize: the chance to 'Win the Presenter' – either Sam or Mark. Two families will compete for this unique opportunity each week but with one big twist – they won't know anything about it until the show starts.

Aside from offering themselves as human prizes, Sam & Mark's other regular features include 'You've Been Smarked', where they hit the road to stitch-up children from around the UK with elaborate hidden camera pranks, and 'In Yer Face' where armed only with simple disguises and their ingenuity the boys compete against each other to see how involved in a kid's day they can get without being recognised.

Mark Rhodes said: "I can't wait for Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind Up to start. It's a great show and is full of wind-ups – funnily enough! Plus there are stacks of celebs and families being put to the test and we get to wear shiny suits! Woo hoo!"

Sam Nixon said: "I'm so excited about this show. There are guests, hidden camera pranks and a lot of fun. It's just what you want on Friday evening. Bring on the weekend!"

With celebrity appearances and regular live musical performances from stars such as the Sugababes, The Wanted and The Saturdays, and a host of sketches, pranks and games, Sam & Mark's show is the best way to wind-up the week.

Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind Up starts on CBBC in September and is filmed at dock10 studios.