June 2017

Watchdog Live from dock10 studios

Watchdog Live from dock10 studios

Watchdog Live is back for a new series - live on BBC One from its new home at dock10 studios in Salford.

While the look and location have changed, its mission to hold the big names to account hasn't, and the new run of investigations will cover a broader range of consumer topics than ever before.

Matt Allwright, Steph McGovern and Nikki Fox all return to ensure viewers aren't being given a raw deal, and - as ever - the mix of topical stories and reports they'll tackle have been prompted by the experiences of viewers who've written to the team for help. Viewers will play a greater role in the new episodes, which, with the series once again being live, will have an increased emphasis on subjects that are making news, or which affect us all.

Tests and undercover filming will expose the companies getting things wrong or letting customers down, there'll be plenty of unmissable advice, and well-known guest reporters will tackle issues that have particular relevance to them.

More 'Rogue Traders' will be caught on camera, and this segment of the programme kicks off by exposing the genuinely jaw-dropping methods used by one company to win business.

Watchdog Live begins on BBC One at 8pm on Wednesday 28 June.