September 2021

YouTube film maker ‘Walk With Me Tim’ takes viewers on a tour of dock10 studios

YouTube film maker ‘Walk With Me Tim’ takes viewers on a tour of dock10 studios

The lockdown YouTube channel hit 'Walk With Me Tim' is taking a tour of the dock10 studios. It will show viewers what it's like to be behind the scenes at the UK's leading television facility where some of the nation's best loved television shows are made.

When the nation went into lockdown and exercise was restricted to just 30 minutes close to home, the filmmaker Tim Lindon took his camera and created 'Walk With Me Tim'. This broadcast stunning views of the coastline near Tim's home, intended to cheer and inspire those feeling trapped by lockdown. The YouTube channel soon became a global hit with thousands of people watching Tim's films to get a sense of escape.

With lockdown ended, the channel has continued to gain audiences all over the world and Tim has extended his reach to include coastal locations all around the UK and even across Europe. Tim is also including videos of interesting locations that have become harder to access.

Normally, dock10 welcomes thousands of visitors every year for behind-the-scenes tours of its television studios. However, the current COVID restrictions have prevented these tours from reopening to the public.

Andy Waters, Head of Studios, dock10 said: "We love showing people around the studios and it's a shame that we have had to temporarily stop our tours because of Covid. By inviting 'Walk With Me Tim' to dock10, we have found a great way to give people around the world a glimpse of what goes on behind the camera at a time when we are sadly not able to show them in person."

Tim Lindon, 'Walk With Me Tim', said: "During lockdown my films have transported viewers to a variety of seaside locations to help brighten up the world just a little bit and share glimpses of locations people love. Since then, I have had the privilege to share the fantastic British coastline with people from all over the world. Many people have asked me to do videos from locations where it's just not possible to take a tour at the moment. I am really excited to be visiting dock10 and showing people what it's like behind the scenes of the television studios."

You can watch the videos at: