dock10 supports the production of thousands of hours of coverage for leading sports broadcasters. This expertise and experience in delivering many of the nation's best-loved sports shows means that we offer innovative, trustworthy and economic solutions for any scale of production.

Our dedicated and talented team brings together next-generation studios, comprehensive production and post production services with innovative remote working and unparalleled technical infrastructure. This is all located at Media City, with its fantastic range of restaurants and accommodation that provide staff, freelancers and talent with the very best environment in which to thrive.

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Live Action Studios

From football and rugby to athletics, rowing and the Super Bowl, let your presenters and pundits bring the live action to life using our range of adaptable presentation studios. Maximise the value of your sports rights by putting your own premium stamp on the coverage. From a studio for an individual match or event to handling multiple concurrent live feeds and remote production, our industry-leading facilities support beautiful design, expert analysis and robust distribution.

Highlights Shows

Providing a home to some of the nation's most iconic and best-loved sports shows brings huge responsibility and immense pride. We are constantly striving to offer the latest innovations, while also ensuring we deliver the high standards synonymous with major sports events. Our highlights studio offering is always focused on understanding our clients' aims in order to supply the best solution possible. When scores of concurrent feeds and late edit turnarounds are required, our advanced and resilient infrastructure provides complete confidence.

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Feature Programmes

Sports are an international language and talking about them is a global pastime. Feature programmes have become a staple for sports broadcasters, and we can help you launch the next 'must watch' sports show. Providing a compelling design and comfortable environment is key to any sports chat show. Insightful graphics and high-end video edits are also essential, both of which we support using our extensive in-house resources and talent.

Results & Sports Shows

Sports fans want to know what's happening as it happens, making handling and visualising live data crucial. From keeping fans up to date as the goals go in to following the latest moves on transfer deadline day, our studios have what's needed for you to keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Combined with our passion for and expertise in digital innovation, we will provide you with an exciting sports solution.

Incredible Location

dock10 is at the heart of Media City, an international hub for innovation, technology and creativity. The site has been specially designed for broadcasters to offer everything a modern production team and their talent could need. There is a wide range of restaurants, cafés and bars, along with plenty of comfortable accommodation, all on the same site as our studio facilities.

Technical Excellence

Our technical expertise and experience ensure that we can confidently meet all the challenges of live national and international sports broadcasts. We have a team of committed professionals working to deliver the most complex solutions in a fast-changing environment, and we pride ourselves on the trust our clients place in us.


Our high-speed fibre connectivity criss-crosses Media City and is connected to international fibre and satellite distribution with more than 20 international service providers reaching platforms absolutely everywhere. Our broadcast network incorporates innovative technology and design, being developed around the demands of next generation media, remote working and workflows, specifically 4K UHD/HDR.

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Sports Entertainment Formats

We are fortunate to provide production and post production for some of the world's best-known entertainment shows. As more sports formats cross over with entertainment, our unique blend of experience provides the ideal environment in which to develop and pilot new sports entertainment programmes. The scale of our facilities enables you to do small studio trials and then easily transfer your success to our flagship studios. We can handle any scale of production right up to huge, live, multi-location, national and international sports events.

Remote Gallery

dock10's innovative remote gallery solution provides a technically creative way for live sports television to be delivered. Our production galleries are not only connected to our studios, they are connected to wherever sport is happening - whether it's live from stadiums across the country or on-location from major international events. Incorporating the latest state-of-the-art technology, our galleries give remotely based production teams complete control as if they were at the event. This enables production teams to simultaneously manage concurrent feeds from multiple locations, as well as playing-in content, for a comprehensive remote production solution that delivers all the confidence that live sports television demands.

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Monitoring And Switching

If you are connected to us you are connected to wherever you need to be. Our PoPs link all the major networks, providing the crucial connections between global locations – including the many major broadcasters and production companies on site. It's all monitored in our MCR by a dedicated team of media experts who make sure everything runs just as smoothly as you'd expect.

Pop-Up Studios

When you need an occasional-use studio for a one-off sports event or to pilot a new programme, we provide fast, simple and effective solutions. Our fully equipped studios enable you to launch a programme quickly or experiment with new programme ideas, supported by our industry-leading technology and talented team who will help deliver any customisation you require.

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Virtual Studios

Our industry-leading 4k UHD ready virtual studio capability has literally no limits. Combining Virtual and Augmented Reality, together with live data, our designers can translate your vision into photorealistic sets that will form a spectacular environment for your sports event coverage. The system enables studio sets to combine physical and virtual elements in such a way that they are indistinguishable from each other. It also allows the cameras to point in any direction for a seamless on-screen set. All of dock10's studios have our virtual studio capability, enabling us to scale up to your needs and tailor solutions to your ambitions.

Major Events

Thanks to our full range of studios that can handle every size and style of show, as well as our advanced technology and connectivity capabilities, dock10 is an ideal base from which to broadcast major events. Coverage for complex operations, such as major international sporting events, can be confidently produced and distributed from our purpose-built studios. Our sports-specific workflows allow for seamless acquisition, editing, storage and distribution across every platform. dock10 is at the centre of Media City, a creative hub designed to provide your team with the perfect home while working away.


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Broadcast Tech
Innovation Awards 2020

Tech Innovation in a Sports Broadcast
BBC Match of the Day Virtual Studio
Highly Commended: dock10
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Broadcast Tech
Innovation Awards 2020

Best Innovation in Lockdown
BBC Bitesize Daily
Finalist: dock10
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SVG Europe Sports
TV Awards 2020

Outstanding Production Achievement
Virtual Reality Studio
Finalist: dock10
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Sports Technology
Awards 2020

Innovative Sports Broadcast Technology
Virtual Reality Studio
Finalist: dock10


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Television studios map

Floor Space: 1,165 sq m; (12,540 sq ft)

L: 39.572m (129.8ft) x W: 29.572m (97.02ft) x H: 15m (49.21ft)


Floor Space: 710 sq m (7,642 sq ft)

L: 30.584m (100.3ft) x W: 22.922m (75.2ft) x H: 11.5m (37.73ft)


Floor Space: 422.17 sq m (4,757 sq ft)

L: 23.072m (75.7ft) x W: 18.298m (60ft) x H: 11.5m (37.73ft)


Floor Space: 583 sq m (6,275 sq ft)

L: 25.6m (84ft) x W: 22.8m (73.8ft) x H: 10.731m (35.21ft)


Floor Space: 91.25 sq m (982 sq ft)

L: 12.5m (41.01ft) x W: 7.3m (23.95ft) x H: 5.4m (17.72ft)


Floor Space: 91.25 sq m (982 sq ft)

L: 12.5m (41.01ft) x W: 7.3m (23.95ft) x H: 5.4m (17.72ft)


Floor Space: 150 sq m (1,614 sq ft)

L: 15m (49.21ft) x W: 10m (32.81ft) x H: 5.4m (17.72ft)


Floor Space: 66.17 sq m (713 sq ft)

L: 9.92m (32.55ft) x W: 6.67m (21.88ft) x H: 3.99m (13.09ft)


Floor Space: 593 sq m (6,382 sq ft)

L: 27.142m (89.04ft) x W: 21.844m (71.6ft) x H: 11.2m (36.75ft)


Floor Space: 140 sq m (1,508 sq ft)

L: 12.21m (40ft) x W: 11.47m (37.6ft) x H: 5.45m (17.88ft)


Floor Space: 4,621 sq m (49,741 sq ft)

L: 97m (318ft) x Ww: 62m (204ft) x Wn: 33m (109ft)


Floor Space: 370 sq m (3,982 sq ft)

W 38.5m and D 7.2m

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