dock10 supports the production of thousands of hours of coverage for leading sports broadcasters. This expertise and experience in delivering many of the nation's best-loved sports shows means that we offer innovative, trustworthy and economic solutions for any scale of production. Our dedicated and talented team brings together next-generation studios, comprehensive production and post production services with innovative remote working and unparalleled technical infrastructure. This is all located at MediaCityUK, with its fantastic range of restaurants and accommodation that provide staff, freelancers and talent with the very best environment in which to thrive.

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Incredible Location

dock10 is at the heart of MediaCityUK, an international hub for innovation, technology and creativity. The site has been specially designed for broadcasters to offer everything a modern production team and their talent could need. There is a wide range of restaurants, cafés and bars, along with plenty of comfortable accommodation, all on the same site as our studio facilities.

Technical Excellence

Our technical expertise and experience ensure that we can confidently meet all the challenges of live national and international sports broadcasts. We have a team of committed professionals working to deliver the most complex solutions in a fast-changing environment, and we pride ourselves on the trust our clients place in us.


Our high-speed fibre connectivity criss-crosses MediaCityUK and is connected to international fibre and satellite distribution with more than 20 international service providers reaching platforms absolutely everywhere. Our broadcast network incorporates innovative technology and design, being developed around the demands of next generation media, remote working and workflows, specifically 4K UHD/HDR.


Icon Award

Broadcast Tech
Innovation Awards 2020

Tech Innovation in a Sports Broadcast
BBC Match of the Day Virtual Studio
Highly Commended: dock10
Icon Award

Broadcast Tech
Innovation Awards 2020

Best Innovation in Lockdown
BBC Bitesize Daily
Finalist: dock10
Icon Award

SVG Europe Sports
TV Awards 2020

Outstanding Production Achievement
Virtual Reality Studio
Finalist: dock10
Icon Award

Sports Technology
Awards 2020

Innovative Sports Broadcast Technology
Virtual Reality Studio
Finalist: dock10


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Floor Space: 1,165m² (12,550ft²)

L: 39.5m (129.5ft) x W: 29.5m (97ft) x H: 15m (49ft)


Floor Space: 710m² (7,642ft²)

L: 30.5m (100ft) x W: 22.9m (75ft) x H: 11.5m (37ft)


Floor Space: 422m² (4,542ft²)

L: 23m (75.7ft) x W: 18.3m (60ft) x H: 11.5m (37ft)


Floor Space: 583m² (6,275ft²)

L: 25.6m (84ft) x W: 22.8m (73.8ft) x H: 10.7m (35ft)


Floor Space: 91.25m² (982ft²)

L: 12.5m (41ft) x W: 7.3m (24ft) x H: 5.4m (17ft)


Floor Space: 92.9m² (1000ft²)

L: 12.5m (41ft) x W: 7.3m (24ft) x H: 5.4m (17ft)


Floor Space: 149m² (1,600ft²)

L: 15m (49ft) x W: 10m (32ft) x H: 5.4m (17ft)


Floor Space: 66m² (710ft²)

L: 9.9m (32.5ft) x W: 6.6m (22ft) x H: 4m (13ft)


Floor Space: 593m² (6,382ft²)

L: 27m (89ft) x W: 21.8m (71ft) x H: 11.2m (36ft)


Floor Space: 140m² (1,507ft²)

L: 12m (40ft) x W: 11m (37ft) x H: 5.5m (17ft)


Floor Space: 4,621m² (49,741ft²)

L: 97m (318ft) x Ww: 62m (204ft) x Wn: 33m (109ft)


Floor Space: 370m² (3,982ft²)

W 38.5m and D 7.2m

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